Doral 5K, Excalibur 10 Mile Race and a 50+mpw. I'm back!

So, after last week's race and surprising time, I decided it would be nice to race this weekend too.  You know, cause I'm stupid!  The weather in Miami for March has been unbelievably cool, although next week Summer will be here.  But the Doral 5K, a race that's run very close to my house, was going to be very nice and cool and would be a good way to get my miles in and get some speedwork to boot.  I also noticed the Excalibur Run was not full this year and my husband and I needed a 10 miler as our long run for this weekend, so we signed up for the race last minute and planned to head to Central Florida on Saturday afternoon. Overall, a nice weekend of races.

But, this being the week I could potentially go back to my normal mileage (around 50mpw), I did not want to miss the chance to run 50 miles this week to see if I was really back.  So, I knew that the 5K would not be fast by any means, but at least I wanted to see where I was at, even if with no taper and no training …

Ft. Lauderdale Shamrock 4 Miler RR and Surgery Recovery Update

Yesterday, I ran the Ft. Lauderdale Shamrock 4 Miler.  I was planning on running it and having fun, since I have been pretty slow on my runs and I didn't feel I had any speed on these legs right now.
Recovery has been going well, with me running 25 miles and the knee feeling great.  Still doing PT until next week (4 more visits) and they are giving me hard workouts while there.  It's like a strength training coach, let me tell you.  My legs are getting leaner and all I can think of is to continue these workouts in the future to see if I can lean all over, LOL.
This week was supposed to be a 35 mile week only and hence I thought the race would be a nice fun race.  I also ran at PT a couple of days, and I ran with my husband on Tuesday (5 miles) that I had not planned, so I finished the week at 41 miles and a 10 miler as my longest run.  And the knee is responding beautifully.
On Thursday, I woke up with a bad migraine, throwing up and stuff.  So, I had to cancel PT at the last…

Surgery Update: Week 3

Week 1 post surgery had me just working from home and little by little having the leg worked as much as normal as I could make it.  Went to the surgeon for my one week follow up, and he finally cleared me up for non-weight bearing exercise as tolerated and for PT.  Good because I had been on the bike since Day 4, ha.
My knee has been improving exponentially with each day.  The first week at PT was nice and the exercises were good enough for me to improve without being sore all the time.  I also restarted Pilates and little by little, the adjustments went away.
Then, at the start of Week 3, around Day 14, the PT told me to not forget my running shoes because we MIGHT head to the TM for some running.  I felt like Darla from Finding Nemo when told Piranha is a fish, just like your present...

There is no better present for an injured runner than being told they could run.  Ha.
Did two PT sessions last week with some warmup run/walking at 2:2 ratio on their TM.  She also increased the wei…

Surgery Week 1

Since I wanted to have surgery as soon as possible so I can get back to running as soon as possible, my surgeon squeezed me in at the end of January, January 31, to the exact, for the surgery.  I rushed to get everything ready with work and whatever tests I needed it, and was happy to have gotten a date a week after my consult.  No time to waste, ha.
Surgery Day This surgery would be solo.  Hubby couldn't take the day off to stay with me and, although my dad offered to come, the surgery was really no big deal, so I didn't think it would necessary to screw everybody's schedules off.  My neighbor/friend Sheryl could either drop me off or pick me up, and hubby would do the one she couldn't, so we arranged everything well.  Hubby stayed with me until it was time to leave for work and I was sent to prep for the surgery at around 8:15am.  I was put into the preop room maybe by 8:30am, but I have no notion of time since I had no Fitbit, watch, nor my iPhone.  Sheesh!
After do…

One Car Accident and Surgery is Needed...

Well, 2016 ended up with someone T-boning me before Christmas Eve and me not having my car back for 3 weeks.  That's fine.  Training had been going well for Houston up until that point.  My neck was a bit fucked up after the accident but a couple of adjustments and I felt A-OK.  But a week after the accident, my knee started feeling funky, my hamstring and calf also sore.  I could run with it and no pain, just an ache was present, so I did not think anything of it.  2017 came in and I was tapering for Houston.
Then, on my last run before Houston, so much pain.  I couldn't even walk afterwards.  No matter how much tape and massages I did before Houston, the pain was always there.  I started the marathon knowing I wouldn't finish.  I did 1.92 miles according to my Garmin, none of which were painless.  Walked back to the hotel and iced the knee until my husband finished the half marathon.
I have a torn meniscus.  Most likely caused by the car accident, according to my doctor…

Space Coast Marathon 2016 (Just one more for Intergalactic Level!)

On Thanksgiving weekend, I ran my fourth Space Coast Marathon, the fourth of five Space Coasts to get the special 5 year medal and the Intergalactic Challenge.  I still remember the first time we registered for this challenge and how much fun it has been.  Not sure what the race has planned for after the challenge, but I hope it's something as amazing as this has been.
The race is great.  The RD really does a great job with not only the race, water stations, medical, potties, etc., but also on the post race party, which includes, among other things, free unlimited beer, breakfast (pancakes, even eggs), towels, and everything else you can think of.  Unfortunately, I don't really enjoy the party much as I am done when I finished the marathon, in more ways than one.  But hubby, who runs the half marathon, always partakes of the celebrations.  He just knows he needs to have a beer for me when I finish. :)
Training Training has been almost non-existent.  Since Chicago and later Ind…

Indy Monumental Marathon RR

I was looking forward to running Indy for close to a year, since it was a race that people recommend, it's where my BFF lives, and it is always cold and good for running.  They also said it was flat but to this Miamian, that shit was NOT flat.  But still, everything else was true.
I had been dealing with asthma issues since the Chicago Marathon, plus my hamstring and glutes were sore during mostly every run, so I wasn't expecting to be fast by any means.  My plan was to break 5 hours on this one and to have fun.  Since my BFF Mary said she would run with me, my plan to try keeping up with her and not make her waste her day.  I kind of fail at that, but we had tons of fun!
We arrived at Indy on Friday afternoon and headed to the Bru Burger Bar, a place friends had recommended as having great burgers.  They were probably the best burgers I've had.  I had the Mexicali Burger and Richard had the Bru Burger.   Both were amazingly good.  Next time, I'll try The End Burger, …