Chicago Marathon RR

Wow.  So much has passed since I started training I don't know where to start.  In fact, 2019 has been a roller coaster of the kind I've never experienced in my 44 years of life.

The year started out with a government shutdown and me having to work throughout the shutdown for 35 days straight without pay and basically sick the whole time, all while trying to train for the Houston Marathon.  It was no surprise that when I started Houston, I quit within 1/2 mile because I felt drained of all my energy, cold to the bone and unable to breathe.

The shutdown ended and I started trying to get better but it took weeks until I did.  We decided to defer the Myrtle Beach Marathon to get better (and my husband had hurt his calf so he wasn't running much either), and rather concentrate my efforts into the Glass City Marathon and the Wisconsin Marathon.  Training went OK on my new TM but I never felt like I had kicked whatever ailed me since December.  When Glass City started, I felt O…

Chicago Marathon Training Has Started!

It's been a few weeks since I've checked in here, but I've kept my recovery from the Vitamin D deficiency going with low mileage and some relaxation.  I also got homework from my coach in the form of running books.  But not regular running books but those that deal with the mental aspect of running.  The Vitamin D deficiency was a problem, but I also needed to work on my mental attitude while racing and it was a great time to dedicate for that.
Out of all the books I read, my two favorites are Deena Kastor's Let Your Mind Run and Elizabeth Clor's Boston Bound.  I learned a lot from those two books alone (all the books were great, but these two touched me the most) and I'm putting some of the recommendations into practice already.  Only time will tell...
I started marathon training last week and ran 40 miles last week, something I had not done since April or thereabouts.  It was an awesome feeling going back to that mileage, but at the same time, it was great n…

2019: A Runner Under Construction

It's been a while since I felt like sharing any of my marathon adventures.  That's because my adventures have been failures this year.  I had four marathons in the first half of the year and I completed none of them.  That sounds so unlike me, right?
First, came Houston, in the middle of the government shutdown, working through the shutdown without pay, sick, barely able to run, but I didn't think anything else of it but a virus. I heard someone from the Clerk's office got really ill as a result of the shutdown and got a stroke from all the stress, so I felt lucky to only have gotten a virus. 
Then, came the Myrtle Beach Marathon which I decided to DNS to concentrate on my two marathons in April/June because that's what you do after you're sick: you reconvene, replan, get better, right?
But when Glass City Marathon came up rolling and my foot went numb during the race, I was like, I'm running the HM and quitting, Wisconsin is next week!  And then Wisconsin…

2019 WDW Princess Half Marathon Weekend RR!

It's been a while since I have posted something in this blog.  Since the Chicago Marathon in October, WTF!  I was super busy at the end of the year, between training for Houston, work, the shutdown (I was excepted and had to work through the longest shutdown in US history), a virus that stayed with me for the first five weeks of 2019 and caused my running to come to a halt, and life.  Of course, I DNFd the Houston Marathon for the third time in a row, sigh.  I was so sick I couldn't even run for 1/4 mile without stopping to breathe or just to, you know, live.  January, 2019 really sucked.  Maybe Dallas might be a better choice next time?
At least 2018 ended on a great note with almost 2500 miles run for the year.  Then January came and knocked me off my ass, ha.  Oh, and my TM broke in December and I was without one for five weeks as well (we had to buy a new one even and it took three weeks to get to us).  It's a miracle I was able to run as much (or as little, depending…

Chicago Marathon 2018 RR

On Sunday, I ran the Chicago Marathon, the marathon that was to be my 50th lifetime marathon and the last one for this year.  However, since I had to DNFd the East Canyon Marathon in Utah, due to breathing issues caused by the high altitude, Chicago ended up being my 49th.
After Utah, I started back with speedwork and some faster workouts rather than the hill workouts I was doing in the last few months. The change of pace was welcomed and it was a bit of fun.  I ran some 5K intervals that gave me hope that if I ever go crazy and want to race another 5K, that I could get back close to my PR pace.  But like Jack Sparrow says: 

I've been having some bad headaches, and a couple of extra migraines in the last few months, which I'd attributed to the high blood pressure (I'm back on the meds, thanks genes!), but it ended up being that my 20+ year old root canal is failing and I need to either fix it or extract the tooth and do an implant.  On top of that, one of its roots was in…

Missoula Marathon RR

On Sunday, I ran the Missoula Marathon, my 48th marathon and one more state on the quest.  It was a hot day for marathoning and I had some issues with my asthma and elevation, but it was done and not too slow at that.
Ever since Martha's Vineyard in May, I've been having asthma issues again.  Been using the long-term asthma inhaler, which I had dropped for close to two years.  With that, comes some side effects, so I wasn't happy.  On top of that, the week before the marathon my breathing issues were so bad that I had to start on prednisone. I sure loved the extra 10lbs I gained before the race, says no one ever.  But at least I could breathe better...or so I thought.
We arrived in Bozeman, Montana on Friday late afternoon, and as soon as we went to the rental car, I started having breathing issues.  I didn't even think the elevation in Montana would be too bad so I wasn't even prepared or expecting this.  Bozeman has around 5400ft elevation, so would think it was…