Bay of Fundy Marathon Race Report

On Sunday, I ran the Bay of Fundy Marathon in Lubec, ME. The race goes across the border into Canada and back to the US and it's very scenic.  It is also very hilly.  Of course...
After the Martha's Vineyard Marathon, we had a bit of time to train before Fundy and also to do some hill workouts.  I am glad my coach gave me the workouts she did because my legs, albeit slower than a limping turtle parade, were not sore during or after the race.  And contrary to Martha's Vineyard, my knee and ITB were silent; I had no issues whatsoever during this race.  Well, except the slowness, lol.
We flew into Bangor, ME, the closest city to Lubec, on Friday night.  We stayed at a nice small inn near the airport and then drove to Lubec after breakfast.  I am from a relatively small island in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, the smaller of the Major Antilles), but have lived most of my life in big cities (San Juan, Miami, Honolulu). Lubec is a very small city, even smaller than what we have in…

Martha's Vineyard Marathon RR

On Saturday, I ran the Martha's Vineyard Marathon, my quest for the state of Massachusetts and another running adventure.  We had tons of fun!
Since this race required a bit more traveling, including ferry rides, driving, etc., we took off on Thursday morning en route to Boston, MA.  We spent the night there and then drove to Falmouth, MA (where the ferries to Martha's Vineyard are) and the island.  We left a rainy and stormy Miami for a rainy and stormy MA and the weather forecast for the race including 100% of rain, 15-20mph winds, and clouds.  I was glad for the rain (not so much for the wind), and the clouds, as this race starts too late for May (8:30am) and, without the no sun and rain, it would've been too hot to marathon.  But we were lucky.
We arrived in Falmouth before noon and headed to the ferry to travel to MV for the expo.  It was a very windy day and they only had one ferry that arrived far from the expo (the same for the race), so we had to take not only the f…

Kentucky Derby Marathon RR

On Saturday, I ran the Kentucky Derby Marathon in Louisville, KY.  It was a fun race and my 45th marathon.  I had lots of fun but I was slow due to it being hilly, but it's a race I would run again because it's loads of fun.
After the Disney Marathon, I was supposed to run the Houston Marathon for a PR, but I caught a fever the night before the race and I had to DNS.  But don't fret, as I always have back up marathons all throughout the year!  When I realized KY would be my 45th, I started counting down through the rest of the planned marathon and realize my 50th would be Chicago later this year! Makes sense it would be that one.
After Houston, I ran the Princess Half Marathon weekend with my girlfriends and we had tons of fun.  As I mentioned, hubby and I went straight to the hospital for his second brain surgery, which went well.  His recovery was even more amazing than the last time.  He was running and back to work in 10 days.  My training really did not start in full un…

Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Last weekend, I ran the Princess Fairy Tale Challenge at Disney World in Orlando, FL with my girlfriends.  It would be a good trip with my girlfriends just before my husband had to go back to the hospital for another brain surgery to deal with the leftover benign tumor.
The Fairy Tale Challenge consists of a 10K on Saturday and a Half Marathon on Sunday, and my girlfriends and I also signed up for the 5K on Friday.
We arrived in Orlando on Thursday afternoon and immediately went to the expo to get our stuff for the race, buy some stuff, before heading to Epcot to have a couple of drinks around the world.

We tried to head to bed early, but of course we were unsuccessful.  We barely made it two hours of sleep each night and it showed, ha.
Princess 5K We woke up between 2am and 3am to head to the buses no later than 3:30am.  We headed to the athlete's village and were pretty much in front of the corral, which was good, since the character stops for this race took forever.  The 5K is …

Disney World Marathon 2018 RR

Last Sunday, I ran the WDW Marathon.  This was supposed to be a race attempt at improving my post-knee surgery time and a good way to start 2017.  To the contrary, it ended up being a slug to the finish full of medical issues.  But still, it's Disney, so fun was had.
My last race for 2017 was the Weston Half Marathon, in which I ran a spectacular race and almost PRd.  So, the stakes for this race at Disney were high.  Especially, after the weather forecast turned to perfect.
Since Disney is semi-local, traveling is not as stressful as for other races.  We drove to Orlando on Friday afternoon and got to our Disney hotel (Port Orleans French Quarter), after dinner.  I had a horrible sleep week with me sleeping only 3-4 hours a week, so I was hoping Friday night was better.  It wasn't.  I woke up feeling run down and probably tired.  The weather was lovely for running, though, and also for walking around (the really cold weather had warmed up a bit).
After breakfast, we proceede…