Weeks 3 through 6 of Pfitz 18/70 are Done!

I have not written an entry in quite a while and so much has happened since I did.  Training for NYCM is at the end of Week 6 with some good and bad runs.  I don't recall every single run, but I'll try to summarize the weeks herein.

Week 3 - Week 3 went really well until Saturday's run.  I did back to back mid-week long runs of 11 and 13, a 5 miles recovery at noon (on the TM), a 3 miles recovery run at noon (outside) instead of a 5 miler because I ran out of time.  Since I had a Cirque du Soleil show on Thursday and a Britney Spears concert on Friday, I had to switch runs and I missed a couple of miles during that recovery run as I ran out of time.  I switched the tempo run (9 with 4 @ 15K pace) for Saturday, and that's when everything started going wrong.  I still have not found what I've been eating that has my stomach acting up.  The run did not go well and the next run went worse.  15 miles turned into 4 miles before I quit and walked home.  I spent 3 days with stomach pain.  Fortunately, it has come and gone but nothing as bad as this day.  Total for the week: 47.05. Disappointing, but what can one do?

Week 4 - Week 4 was the best week so far of this training session.  I did all my training runs and a strong 18 miler on Sunday in the heat.  I did my first 14 miler mid-week run and it went very well.  Total for the week: 63.50, a personal best until Week 5.

Week 5 - Week 5 had me at around 64-65 miles for the week, but I was selected to represent my team, together with 3 other members, in the All Star Week competition of the 2011 in 2011 miles game on the Runner's World Online Forums.  So, I wanted to run 70.  Everything went well, but August and its bad weather came crashing through and I ended up tired on Sunday.  High humidity on Sunday made me bailed on my 18 miler at Mile 11 and I finished the other 7 in the evening, when the weather was better.  I was unable to do that 18 miler with 10 @ MP, but I knew coming into this training session that MP and tempo runs in this heat was next to impossible.  Total for the week: 70.22, another personal best.

Week 6 - This was a cutback week and, although I was still tired from the 70mpw, I was doing well.  The heat was on but the strides, mid-week long runs and easy runs went really well.  Today, I had a 15 miler scheduled.  Nothing I've done like 20 times this year.  Yet, I was unable to finish.  By Mile 8 I was stopping often.  The heat and humidity combination today was a killer.  At Mile 13, DH recommended I quit because of the heat and he was right.  86F with 87% humidity, dewpoint of 77 and no clouds in the sky with a shining sun was tough on my body.  I now feel like I finished 20 miles instead of 13 and I'm still super sore.  But, meh, what can I do but push on to Week 7.  Total for the week: 53.46.

With respect to cross-training, I finished Chalean Extreme and started doing some P90X weight videos.  I loved Chalean but I needed a break and something different.  So far, so good.

So, I'm a little disappointed in my training this week, but I've been running more than I've every run before.  I recall my August long runs last year.  They were even worse than today's.  Runs where I had to walk after Mile 10; runs where I bailed; runs at 13mm instead of the 10:15mm I was running today.  So, I know it's the heat but that does not stop me from doubting myself.


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  2. Great work. I see that we both run the same races in South Fla. A few yrs ago PAL Half was my first Half Marathon. I was determined to finish under 2 hours and ran 1:59. That race has not been lucky or me as my best time there is 1:58. You are logging plenty of miles. I am going to increase my mileage. I am doing Chicago but dont expect a huge result on that one. Maybe I would do better if I run Disney Full in Jan. Anyway great blog and I saw your comments on runners world. Miami Half is another course I dont do well. My best were at Ft Lauderdale 13.1 and West Palm Halfs


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