One Car Accident and Surgery is Needed...

Well, 2016 ended up with someone T-boning me before Christmas Eve and me not having my car back for 3 weeks.  That's fine.  Training had been going well for Houston up until that point.  My neck was a bit fucked up after the accident but a couple of adjustments and I felt A-OK.  But a week after the accident, my knee started feeling funky, my hamstring and calf also sore.  I could run with it and no pain, just an ache was present, so I did not think anything of it.  2017 came in and I was tapering for Houston.

Then, on my last run before Houston, so much pain.  I couldn't even walk afterwards.  No matter how much tape and massages I did before Houston, the pain was always there.  I started the marathon knowing I wouldn't finish.  I did 1.92 miles according to my Garmin, none of which were painless.  Walked back to the hotel and iced the knee until my husband finished the half marathon.

I have a torn meniscus.  Most likely caused by the car accident, according to my doctor, or a fall or twist to my knee around that time which I don't recall having.  Heading to a surgeon appointment on Wednesday.  Fortunately, these types of surgeries have a quick recovery.  I already missed Houston (registered for 2018, so...) and will probably miss RnR DC and Raleigh (we'll see).  But now I will have a plan this week to fix it.  And I hope the fix is soon.


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