Surgery Week 1

Since I wanted to have surgery as soon as possible so I can get back to running as soon as possible, my surgeon squeezed me in at the end of January, January 31, to the exact, for the surgery.  I rushed to get everything ready with work and whatever tests I needed it, and was happy to have gotten a date a week after my consult.  No time to waste, ha.

Surgery Day
This surgery would be solo.  Hubby couldn't take the day off to stay with me and, although my dad offered to come, the surgery was really no big deal, so I didn't think it would necessary to screw everybody's schedules off.  My neighbor/friend Sheryl could either drop me off or pick me up, and hubby would do the one she couldn't, so we arranged everything well.  Hubby stayed with me until it was time to leave for work and I was sent to prep for the surgery at around 8:15am.  I was put into the preop room maybe by 8:30am, but I have no notion of time since I had no Fitbit, watch, nor my iPhone.  Sheesh!

After doing the preop with the anesthesiologist, who had to make sure I don't go into an asthma attack or high BP like last time, I spoke with the surgeon and then...I woke up from the surgery, ha.  It was all done in the blink of an eye, I didn't even have time to sleep at all. 😜

By the time I woke up, I had either called my friend for pickup or someone had done so.  I was very much awake but the memories of that were blurry.  Sheryl took me home but not before we got some lunch at McDs (yay, nutrition!).  I spent the rest of the afternoon on the recliner, but had no pain and was able to move well.  I had this huge bandage on top of my knee that kept getting loose and moving every time I did, but overall, nothing major. I even cooked dinner that night I felt great!

Recovery (Days 0 - 6)
Everybody had warned me that the meds would last until the next day and then I would be in pain, but I really wasn't.  I woke up on Wednesday super tight and I could not move the leg well because of it, but it wasn't really painful.  I started working from home that day and even attended court, so all day was spent with a laptop, the phone and the recliner.  I made my husband get me dinner that night, at least, but not before I tripped on Sammy's tail and almost tore my meniscus again.  She still thinks I tried to kill her by yelling really loud.  Oh, well.

Thursday was more of the same, but not too bad. I removed the bandage and had to remove the huge cotton ball that was in front of my knee because it was moving and falling more than it was doing its job and had the first look at my knee.  Which I am going to share with you because, oh well, if I had to see it, so do you.  It does look like my surgeon wrote a book on my knee, though.

This was the day I was allowed to drive if needed and of course, my stomach needed it at lunch, but otherwise, I spent the whole time where you see me.  On my recliner working.

Friday was the first day my knee felt better.  I also accidentally removed that bloody tape you see there as it was falling off on its own and I helped it. :)  I was able to move better and even go up the stairs without pain.  Going down the stairs without pain was left for another day...

Saturday and Sunday was spent at home most of the time, except for an errand to Publix on Saturday morning, and a light bike ride (indoors on Saturday, outdoors on Sunday).  Very light effort so as to help with the leg turnover.

I had my surgeon follow up today and am allowed to do everything low impact, so PT and Pilates have started.  Will alternate days of biking with days of walking, and hoping I can get to running in less than 3 more weeks.

Knee looks much better, if you want to see it so that you don't die just thinking of that prior picture:

They do say this surgery has a fast recovery but I didn't expect it to be 4 days before I would dare to hop on the bike.  It took me 10 days after my hysterectomy!

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for Week 2 which includes, PT torture.  Ha.


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