Miramar Pines Rotary 10K RR: Where the 15mph Headwind Chewed the Sick and Goofed Docket, Turned Off the Rocket, and Spit Out a Course and a Post-Asthma PR (It Was a Good Day)

Today I ran the Miramar Pines Rotary 10K race in Miramar, Florida.  As you know, I just did the Goofy challenge last weekend, so today was just a tempo run/post-asthma PR attempt.  Initially, I was going to shoot for an all out PR if the legs felt OK by today, but I got sick on Thursday and I'm still not at 100%.

This course is special to me.  As you remember, it took me 4 attempts to break the 1 hour barrier in the 10K, even though all my other races showed a 55-57 minute 10K.  I broke that curse here last year, so I wanted to do that again today.

Weather was awesome, although a tad cold due to the 15mph headwind!!!!!!  Low to mid 50s throughout.  And lots of sun, of course.

So, my goals for this race were:
Goal A: Course PR (57 minutes or faster)
Goal B: Post-Asthma PR (56 or faster)
Goal C: PR

In addition, I wanted NO SOCK BUNCHING.  So, I changed my socks to a Small and hoped for the best.

I have to say I had no bunching.  Instead, MY FOOT FELL ASLEEP FOR 5 MILES! Grrrrr.  Oh, well.  It could've been the KTTape I put on this morning due to the fact that I hit my achilles and ankle with something this week and the area was painful to touch, or it could've been the Small socks.  I'll try the small socks one more time and if that does not work, I'll go sockless during races.

Anyway, here are the paces with some comments:

Mile 1 - 8:17 (nice first mile.  It felt easy and the wind was not bothering me)

Mile 2 - 8:27 (as soon as I crossed the 1.50 miles, BAM!  there's the headwind.  15mph winds, headwind.  Oh, and the foot fell asleep.

Mile 3 - 8:50 (the wind chewed me out and it was horrible.  It felt like a couple of arms were slamming me backwards).

Mile 4 - 9:21 (worst mile overall.  We kept running straight, which means the headwind was there and never left.  I was thinking of stopping to fix the sleepy foot but decided to push it).

Mile 5 - 8:59 (much better.  We head into the park and start weaving around the curves, which meant the wind was a little less windy, LOL).

Mile 6 - 8:56 (mile marker 6 takes us out of the park and into the headwind for at least 0.30 miles.  I finally had to stop because the foot was completely asleep and not helping.  So, I stopped for 10 seconds, slapped the shoe, rearranged it and off I went.  The stop was worth it).

Mile 0.20 - 1:47 (7:55 pace).  I give it all I got which is nothing much.  The wind had done its damage.  I was exhausted (my friend Rodrigo actually commented I looked exhausted crossing the finish line).  Yes, that's how exhausted running a 10K with a 15mph headwind looks like (he did the 5K)).

Finishing time: 54:49!

Anyway, I ended up 5th in my AG, which is good (last year I ended up 4th with 57 minutes, which means the field was faster this year).  I was not expecting a PR because of the illness, the Goofy challenge, and the asthma.  But I estimate I lost a good chunk of my time due to the headwind so I am closer to my PR than I thought.

Overall, pretty happy with my post-asthma PR.  I am getting back on track!

Here's me and one of my running friends Rodrigo, post-race:


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