Shoe Review: Mizuno Elixirs 7 (A Shoe With Style)

I've been meaning to write a review about the Elixirs but work has been busy.  So, here it goes.

I ordered the Elixirs with the hopes of using them as a racer shoe for longer races like half marathons and marathons.  They did not disappoint.  The first time I ran in them, it was like running naked.  You felt you were wearing a shoe but at the same time, you felt like you were running barefoot.  They are light on your feet (approximately 7.5 oz), but supportive at the same time (support is mid to moderate).  They are cute as hell too.

Prior to the ING Marathon, I did a total of 7 miles in the shoes and every workout was a pleasure.  So, I decided to risk it and do the marathon in them.  The marathon went really well although I had stomach issues at the end.  Having said that, I never had an issue with the shoe; in fact, throughout the whole marathon, I didn't even feel them.  I did had some foot soreness near the end, but I attribute them to the compression sock rather than the shoe, mainly because the compression socks I used were rough and rubbing at it for 4+ hours had some effect on them.  The legs felt wonderful throughout this marathon.

This is definitely a shoe to keep.


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