Back to My Loving Self

I have not posted in quite a few days. I had a very eventful weekend. First, I twisted my ankle as I mentioned before and I had been dealing with that. I thought I would be able to run the half marathon without the brace and I was running low mileage but strong. Then, on Thursday night I went to bed with a sore throat. By Friday evening I had a fever. For some reason, stupid me thought I could run the half marathon and on pace. It was raining, it was humid, it was horrible. When I started walking at mile 4, I decided to DNF. So I did. I went back home (wet) and laid in bed for the next two days. I slept and slept and slept and finally yesterday, I felt fine.

What I learned from that experience is not to run when you're sick, hehe.

Today was my first run since then. The schedule said 10 miles but I wanted to see whether I was strong enough to run at least 5. I tried the KT Tape on my ankle (achilles is still sore, sheesh) and it worked wonders. At mile 5 I had a gel and continued on. I finished my 10 miles in horrible humidity (83%), soaked and with 6 pounds less from the humidity. And on pace.

I'm back and I have 5 weeks til the marathon!


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