It's Getting HOT HOT HOT!

It's February, yet, we've been having hot weather.  Yesterday I ran 7 in 80F and today, it was 6 in 84F.  Give me a break will you?  Marathon # 3 is in 13 days and I am NOT looking forward to running in this horrible weather.

I went to the chiro on Saturday after the race to check on my lower back pain.  He believes I rehurt it by carrying my caseload bag on Thursday and Friday and because it's heavy and I'm favoring the left side, it bothered me.  Same with the rotator cuff.  So now I'm being more careful about doing every day stuff since it's the only time my muscles get hurt.

But after my 7 miler and my 6 miler, I'm back at my normal speed.  Yay!


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