2nd Annual Pill Box Pharmacies 5K Pursuit

Today, I ran the 2nd Annual Pill Box Pharmacies Pines 5K in Pembroke Pines, FL.  I ran it very well and won first in my AG.  I didn't PR just because of the weather.  It was 5-7F hotter and 20% higher in humidity than my current PR last month.  So I'm happy to have come in at 25:41, 8 seconds off my PR.

Now for the long version:

I did not know what to do today.  I've been having some weird soreness in my right calf and I went to the chiro yesterday so he checked it.  He said it's mostly blood that's not leaving the area after movement (it's only sore when I don't move for a long period of time), he told me to move it when it happens and electrocuted the calves.  No more of the weird soreness; however, the electrocution left my mid calves very sore, similar to what you feel after a half marathon race or a marathon.  On top of that, my left calf cramped at 2am and I woke up with soreness in that calf.

It was also going to be a hot day.  75-77F and 81% humidity.  Not bad, but not good either.  This is my cutback week so I had hoped for a PR, but when I checked the forecast last night, I knew it was going to be hard to achieve.

So, my strategy was to run as close to race pace as I could and hold on for dear life.  It worked.

I arrived in Pembroke Pines at 6:30am, one hour before the race, picked up my packet and started my breakfast.  I met Michelle, a girl I met via a daily mile friend (a friend of a friend, LOL) and her friend and chatted until the race started.  We thought the temps were OK because the sun was not up yet and it felt breezy.  We were mistaken!

We start and the sun is out in the sky and I can feel the humidity.  I was soaked before the end of Mile 1.  I was also a little winded because (again) I had forgotten my allergy medication on Friday so the effects of that usually last 2-3 days.  It was hard but the pace was doable.  Pace: 8:13.

At Mile 1, I see the first water station.  I needed to click on my Garmin and pick up water AT THE SAME TIME.  I almost missed the water and it was served in hard plastic cups so I was not able to drink anything at all.  I tossed it, but wasted time because I slowed down to be able to click on the Garmin, picked the cup, try to drink on it, etc.  Mile 2 took us to the left with the sun in front.  I passed Michelle and her friend, which I think started a little faster than their pace, waved goodbye and continued on.  At the end of the Mile I see the second water station and I see that the mile is long.  1.03 miles.  Pace: 8:20 (average pace was 8:10 but the extra mileage made it slower).

Mile 3 - We come back the way we came.  I picked the water and instead of drinking (since it was impossible with those cups), I threw it over my head.  Boy did that help.  I kept pushing and passing people (nobody but one girl passed me through the race).  I don't see a Mile 3 marker so I clicked on the Garmin at 3.03.  Pace: 8:10.

I try to sprint to the finish but the heat is so bad I feel like I'm walking against a headwind.  This girl passed me like there is no tomorrow (fortunately, she was not in my AG) and I crossed the finish line at a pace of 7:18mm.  I guess I was sprinting, eh?

Official Time: 25:41.

I'm super happy with my time.  My last PR was a month ago and it was way cooler that day.  I also ran better splits (Mile 2 notwithstanding) and I did not get tired like in my previous one.

After the race, I met with the girls, took some pictures, and check the standings.  I won my AG and Michelle and friend got 2nd and 1st, respectively, in theirs.  Overall a good day!

I came back home and ran 4 more miles...for the rabbits.

Next: Kickboxing and weights tonight.  And a 10K on Friday night.  First afternoon race.



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