On Weight Loss and Running

I have not posted lately, except for a race here and there.  Life has been hectic and I am not really training for anything, so I felt I did not have much to say.  However, I would like to summarize the past 4 months.

After marathon # 1 in December, I was sick, tired, and frustrated.  I was a size 6 and 125 lbs when I restarted running in 2008.  Withing 5 months of that, I ballooned to a size 12 and up to 170lbs.  I still don't know why.  I've always eaten a lot and I did not increase my intake.  I tried everything, from lowering my calories, to eating vegetarian, without success.

But after that marathon, I decided to make a true change.  I started cutting on my pasta dishes and as of now, I barely eat pastas except for quinoa and some real pasta every two weeks.  Well, that worked.  I am now a Size 6 and although I weigh 148 lbs, I look thinner than when I was 125lbs.  It's amazing and at the same time confusing.  I think I even eat more than I did prior to December.  However, I know I'm eating better calories now.

Training has been going well. I am faster and stronger from the new eating regimen, the kickboxing, and the strength training.


  1. Interesting Damaris. Do you use whole wheat pasta or regular semolina?

    BTW, you are doing awesome. Keep it up!

  2. I use white pasta but I hardly use it any more. I used to cook 1 pack a week and now the boxes of pasta are sitting in my cupboards unused. I like quinoa and Israeli couscous now. Good carbs and more fiber and protein.

    And thanks.


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