Lou Gherig's Disease 10K Run

No, this is not the Down & Dirty Mud Run RR.  The pictures are not up yet, so y'all going to have to be patient with that one!

Today, I ran the Lou Gherig's Disease 10K Run.  I've run this race for the last 3 years and it's pretty close to my heart since this was my first 10K race.  The course is the toughest course I've ever done.  I don't know why this course is so tough.  It has hills but not like the bridges we do.  It has no shade in areas but others are well shaded.  It is probably the hot temps around this time of year.  The first time I did it, it was 86F, last year it was 84F.  So, it has always been a challenge.

This is my goal PR race for the year with respect to the 10K.  However, I already got what I thought was my best time two months ago (54:03), so I was not sure I could PR again so quickly.  I ran this course a month ago at an evening race called the 1040 10K Run and got a course PR of 55:18, so a course PR became my goal.

I tried a new meal, all vegan, and full of grains and taste.  It really did not hurt me at all (In fact, I felt very strong throughout).  Slept only 4.5 hours and woke up at 5:20am.  A friend from the running group offered to pick me up and I took his offer.  It was fun arriving to a race with somebody rather than my usual lonely self.  We picked our packets and I was glad they had a white tech shirt instead of the usual cotton shirt.  We went back to the car and got ready.

Here's a picture of me prior to the race:

Since this race is always SUPER HOT, I decided to (1) carry a water bottle, and (2) run without a shirt.  Both were good decisions.

This race is always late but by some miracle, it was on time.  Temps were nice (72-76F and 81% humidity) compared to other years.  We started and off we went.

I had brought the small Body Glide and put it on my skirt's pocket.  By the first quarter mile I had lost it (but I decided not to stop).  Somebody later touched my arm and gave it back to me.  Thank you whoever you were.

Throughout the race, I realized I was not pushing myself as much as I could.  Probably it was because the course is tough and I know the worst parts come during Miles 3, 4, and 5, so I held back (you can tell from the paces).  However, I ran the best 10K race ever.  I ran strong and smart.  I couldn't ask for more.

Miles 1 and 2: Did not notice the 1 mile marker, so I let the Garmin continue.  First mile was somewhere close to 8:40 and the average for both miles was 8:36mm, but the second one was downhill.

Mile 3: My 20oz bottle is almost gone so I continued drinking from it every half a mile.  We enter the toughest section of the course (the one I usually walk) and pushed on.  I still feel pretty good.  Pace: 8:40.

Mile 4: By the end of this mile, my water bottle is gone, so I throw it out at the water station and throw the first water cup over my head.  Temps are getting hotter and the shade is gone.  The worse hill is yet to come but I push on.  Pace: 8:31

Mile 5: At the beginning of Mile 5 there's (1) a water station, followed by (2) a hill.  I took a cup from the station, threw it over my head and pushed the hill out of my way.  I ended running the hill at 8:45mm but finished the mile at 8:40mm so I recover most of what I had lost.

Mile 6: At this point is when I realize I can actually PR (I had no idea before then).  The 54 minute pacer (first time they had those) passed me way back at Mile 4, so I was not sure and was lazy to do the math.  But now I knew that if I continued with my pace I could PR.  So I pushed this mile with all I could.  Pace: 8:21mm.

Mile 0.20: We are very close to the final rolling hill that takes us to the finish.  Mile 6 was hard because all the 5K walkers get together with us and I had to weave in and out.  This continues on til the finish.  I enter the chute with the clock barely starting the 53:00 mark.  I posed for the picture and crossed the finish line somewhere at 53:3X.  Garmin has me at 53:15, so I must have finished somewhere between 53:12 and 53:15.  A 48 second PR from two months ago!

Overall, this is my strongest 10K in a while, if not ever.  I ran strong and, although I had more in the tank, this course makes me apprehensive, so I ran smart.  I am pretty happy with how I performed and it makes me wonder what I will be able to do come Winter time.

Thanks for reading!

McMillan has me as capable of 53:05 based upon my 5K PR and I did not disappoint today.  Garmin time was 53:15 and I felt I could've pushed more.


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