On Vacation and Running

Usually, when my husband and I travel on vacation, I cannot run.  There's just no time to run and my husband would not think of giving me time to run.  We always end up being on the road for 10+ hours a day and walking everywhere.  So even though I do not run on vacation, I exercise a lot.  Two years ago, we went to Italy and I ended up losing 4 lbs despite eating like a pig and eating dessert twice a day.

This time, we were taking a cruise of Scandinavia.  A cruise = no 10+ hours on the road.  There's down time.  So I thought I would be able to run.  I did.

I did not run much.  I ran between 25 and 33 mpw each week.  But I did some good quality workouts.  I had to use the TM most of the time, mostly because the deck that was measured was 100m long and there's no way in hell I could run 100 laps on it.  I would shoot myself.  The other deck was not measured so I had to guess the distance by time (the Garmin would pick up the satellite but it would pick up the distance of the boat and I would show up as having run 20 miles at 3mm when I ran something like 5 miles in 50 minutes, LOL).  So the deck was good for short distances (5 or less) but for anything else, the TM was the instrument.

I decided to do at least 2 long runs and one speedwork during those two weeks.  I ran three 5 milers (2 of those on the deck), a 5K test race, an 11 miler and a 10 miler.  Even on the TM, I was super fast.  I did both the 11 miler and the 10 miler in what could extrapolate to a 2:03 half marathon and that was the day after the 5K test race.  It felt good to run fast.  I curse you humidity.

Anyway, as soon as I got back I got sick and was in bed until Saturday.  Today was my second run since then.  10 miles in 1:39 or thereabouts.  Not bad at all.


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