A Surprising MP Run

Last night the heat was back on.  It's little by little creeping back into our lives.  I had a 6 miler planned, 4.5 with the running group.

First, I did the foam roller for 20 minutes.  Talk about painful.  The only thing that did not hurt was the hamstring which is the one I'm supposed to work on.

After that, I ran 1.50 miles followed by a short drive (1 minute, LOL) to the running store to meet with the group.  I usually run there but since I have to pick up dinner afterwards, this was a better choice.  The running group started and I'm running today with three very fast runners.  One of them runs half marathons in 1:45 or something.  They were running slow but for me that was fast.  Since I've been running sub-11mm consistently, it was not bad, but after yoga and weights last night, my body was already beat.

Running with them was nice, but the humidity was a little high.  It was 68 but I was sweating and hyperventilating like crazy.  Heat I can take but humidity is another thing.  We finished and I knew I'd just done an MP pace run. Good.

One thing they commented on today was my weight loss.  They saw me last week but they said that compared to that, I looked like I've lost a lot of weight.  This morning I weighed myself and I lost 2 lbs since yesterday.  5 since the marathon and 7 since I started trying to lose weight.  Yeah!

One more run til the end of the year.


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