Day 1 of Marathon 1 Training

Today I started marathon training for my first marathon (Nov. 28). My first run was done in the morning, since I had to travel to Atlanta to take the bar exam. So, it was too humid to even attempt it but you know me, stubborn Damaris!

Here are the stats:

Weight: 166
Temps: 83-86F
Felt Like: 91-97F
Humidity: 87%
Dew Point: 77
Pounds Lost: 2 lbs.
Goal Pace: 10:56mm - 11:26mm
Actual Pace: 11:49mm

That picture is how I looked afterwards. Those pants and shirt were not as dark as they seem now, LOL.

Overall, a slow run but I finished. In this heat, that's what's important. I carried my Nathan Handheld 20oz bottle and drank as if I were doing my long run (at every mile). It was not enough. I had to stop at Mile 5 and 6 just to breathe. By the end of the run it was 86F at 8:30am so that's understandable.

I definitely like running in the afternoons better. Although hotter, the humidity is lower so the run feels better.


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