13.1 Miami Beach - A Personal Worst By Choice

On Sunday, Damaris and Chiqui74 ran the 13.1 Miami Beach.  It was Damaris' 8th half marathon (not counting the 3 marathons) and Chiqui's second.

It was hot, humid, and hilly.  From the beginning, we realized we would have more fun if we did not worry about out time so that's what we did.  We finished in about 2:40 and it is both our personal worst half marathon (by choice) but we enjoyed it!  

A lot of runners had issues (it was very humid).  We saw the emergency vehicles driving by 3 times and we also saw them treating people on the course.

During the half, Chiqui said she said she wouldn't do another 13.1 Miami Beach or any other race that went over both causeways (McArthur and Julia Tuttle Causeways).  I think she said this as we were passing a building that said the temperature was 76F.  We'll see.  She signed up for two additional half marathons right thereafter.  They are addictive you know.

I'm supposed to be showing the Julia Tuttle Causeway but I look like I'm dancing or something.

We're almost there, Chiqui.

Chiqui's DH, MIL and FIL cheered her through the finish.

Here I come: 


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