Doral 5K: I Finally Have a New Official PR

Today I ran the Doral 5K, which is a small 5K race organized by my city.  The race was literally 1.25 miles from the house.

I had not been feeling well all week, with tons of work and battling a cold that everybody at the office has and I decline to get, LOL.  I also stepped up the Turbo Fire workouts (kickboxing) which left me very sore this week. My hip is even angry at me, the nerve.

So, I woke up not feeling my best, but decided to give it a try.  I wanted to PR, as my last PR is from July 2010 and although I've run better than that, all the races have had issues (short courses, long courses, etc.), so I've been unable to count the PR until now.  Based upon my 5 miler last week, I decided to shoot for 26:30, 1.5 minutes faster than my current PR.

Since it was so close to home, I ran 1.25 to get there, then relaxed until the race began.  I also ran back home and finished 6 miles for the day.

The race is pretty simple, flat, out and back, no curves.  However, it was hot (although not badly, just 71-74F) but super windy (1.5 miles were with a headwind).  You'll see where I got the headwind when you see the paces.  We have 15-25mph winds today.

I pushed on all the way and it felt somewhat easy until I hit the headwind.  I broke my PR by a HUGE margin, crossing the finish line at 26:20 and winning 2nd in my AG.  This is also a course PR by more than 2 minutes (compared to last year).

The results had me as 1st in my AG but there were three people whose AGs were wrong.  I did not know until they called my name for 2nd instead of 1st.  Oh, well.

Next: 13.1 Miami Beach tomorrow!

Mile 1: 8:16mm
Mile 2: 8:26mm (headwind started at Mile 1.55)
Mile 3: 8:38mm (pure headwind)
0.10: 0:59 (7:43mm)


  1. Congrats Damaris. Good luck on the half. You are a machine. - TD


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