And I Keep On Running

I have not written in a few days.  I've been busy with work, running, and life in general.  I ran 50.91 last week and a streak that lasted until Tuesday.  I've been running strong and today I finish the month with my highest mileage for a month: 204.96.  All on pace (10mm) or faster.  Considering I ran for 12 straight days and almost 95 miles during those 12 days, that I continue to do kickboxing, weights, yoga, and running, I think the legs feel great.  I cannot wait for my Fall/Winter races to come!  Woot!

I did have a bad run.  Last Thursday I attempted to do 4 X 800.  It was 88F and I ran too fast.  I was also tired in general and should've listened to my body which wanted to run easy.  So next time, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

But overall, everything is working fine and I love it.


  1. 12 days straight? No wonder your body didn't let you run last TH! Get some rest...

  2. Oh, my body let me run. It was the stupid eye that was so dry I was afraid I would fill it with debris. Legs feel fine. Today's workout was even better!


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