Tough Runs Teach You Something

It was bound to happen.  So many good runs back to back were bound to lead to a bad run.  Yesterday was it. A 14 miler that was tough.  However, even tough made me run faster than ever for a 14 miler.  I ran 35 seconds slower per mile compared to last week's 13 miler but the temps yesterday were worst than last week.

I started at 7am and immediately headed to the park.  Forecast said 69F with 90% humidity.  My eye.  By Mile 7 I knew the weather was way hotter and humid.  I got nauseous within the span of 0.25 miles.  I almost threw my gel up.  I wanted to walk but I said NO!  I threw water over my head and pushed on.  Nausea returned but not as bad as before, did the same and showed her who's the boss.

By Mile 8 the problem had been resolved but I felt it was no use to speed up because the weather was bad.  It was not until I returned home that I realized that the forecast of 69-72 turned into 72-76F.  No wonder I was struggling.

Still, I ran 14 miles in 2:30, a new training PB.


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