After A Good Race and a Tough Long Run, What's Next? Heaven!

If not resting and running tired are the key to my new pace, I like it.

I had an awesome run today.  Before I headed out I decided to do a kickboxing workout for 30 minutes.  I wanted to warm up for my run and at the same time run with tired legs, which comes handy during marathon training.

When I left, it was 77F, 50% humidity, and partially cloudy.  Well, not really.  It was not cloudy; there were NO CLOUDS.  Forecasters lie!  Try running with the sun still up in the sky (I live West) in front of you following you like a crazy looking glass.  Then, I made a turn a BAM, a headwind!  I was still pacing great with the headwind and the only hill in Doral, so I was happy and pushing on.

I was lucky I brought my Gatorade since I needed it throughout this hot run.  But oh, is was so worth it!  Did I mention I ran 14 miles yesterday and a 5K race on Saturday (with 4 more miles)?  I think this pace was awesome considering that.

And to top it off, I also did an upper body band workout when I got back home.

8 miles in 1:20.  A new PB for that distance in training.


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