The Mileage Buildup Begins

I have not run my usual since Marathon # 1 in December.  I've been running from 33 to 46mpw due to the back to back marathons.  Now that I'm three weeks out of Marathon # 3, I feel that I am fully recovered and I'm ready to go.

Last week I ran well.  I even ran faster than pace on all my runs (my 13 miler yesterday was just two minutes short of my current half marathon PR).  My races in 2011 have gone well, so I am now starting my mileage buildup again.  2011 should take me to 70mpw during marathon training later in the year.  So, here I go.

This week should be my first week in 3 months that I will reach 50 miles in a week.  Bring it on!


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