Day 21 - My first 18

Today was my first 18 miler. I was a little concerned because my longest was 16 and the program jumped right to 18. But, I planned on walking, crawling, and just finishing. I have other 18 milers where I can actually perform well.

This long run surprised me. Temps were super high so I was not expecting feeling that good. The energy never left and, although I had to walk a few tenths of a mile since Mile 15, I felt great. I had to drink the Orinoco River but all is well.

Weight: 166
Temps: 82-89F
Felt Like: 91-103F
Humidity: 85%
Dew Point: 79
Pounds Lost: 2 lbs.
Goal Pace: 10:54-11:54mm
Actual Pace: 12:39mm
Average HR: 152

Here are the splits and some comments on them:
Mile 1 - 13:24 (As usual, my first mile is too slow but I'm half asleep when I first start)
Mile 2 - 12:59 (Last week I did not even break the 13mm so even though I'm already soaked, I know the run is going well)
Mile 3 - 12:44 (I continue to do my usual negative splits per mile. I had my first gu chomps here
Mile 4 - 12:26 (The sun is coming out and the heat is getting worse)
Mile 5 - 12:07 (I'm still running strong and take my second gu chomps here)
Mile 6 - 12:12 (I thought I would break 12mm by now but not really worried)
Mile 7 - 12:01 (I head back to the house to refill the water bottle. I already drank 20oz!)
Mile 8 - 12:24 (I got home at Mile 7.18 and I was under 12mm, but the stop and the start over damaged my pace. My shorts are already soaked and falling. I decide not to change my shirt yet. I ate 2 almond clusters and 8oz of water. I refill my 20oz bottle and off I go)
Mile 9 - 12:15 (Back on my previous paces although I never again see a sub 12mm on my Garmin)
Mile 10 - 12:11 (Still feeling strong but the heat is getting to me. I'm already thinking of walking. I stop to retie my shoe because my foot fell asleep)
Mile 11 - 12:18 (Since I had to stop somewhere in between Mile 10 and 11, this pace fell a little. I'm fighting the urge to walk)
Mile 12 - 12:18 (I've already decided to run by the house to refill the 20oz bottle prior to Mile 13 because it's almost empty and the heat is a killer by now. The sun is out and following me)
Mile 13 - 12:21 (Stop by the house and refill the water bottle. I also changed the shirt and eat 1 more almond cluster and drank another 8oz of water. I still feel strong and I know I'm going to finish but I realize I'm going to walk soon. I had a Hammer Gel and refill the bottle with Gatorade this time)
Mile 14 - 12:52 (Since there are no more shaded areas in my complex, I decide to go outside because what the heck, there's no shade anywhere. I start to run the T nearby and find a shaded part of it. I had to walk at Mile 13.64 for 0.11 miles)
Mile 15 - 13:22 (I thought about not walking but when I had to stop at a crosslight, I decided to walk for a bit, totaling 0.14)
Mile 16 - 13:37 (I walked for about 0.10 in this mile and even then I smashed last week 16's time)
Mile 17 - 13:45 (I walked two times in this mile for a total of 0.15. At mile 16.90 I said, no more walking and I took off)
Mile 18 - 12:29 (Even though I ran this last mile in full, you can tell how much the heat was affecting me since my pace was consistently between 12:15-12:20 before and now I cannot even break that. I put my favorite end of the run song (Lady Gaga Bad Romance) and smiled and sang all the way through since I felt strong and there was no doubt I would finish. The Gatorade was gone, all 20 oz of it)

Overall, even though I walked (and I don't usually), I felt this was one of my strongest runs ever. I was breathing hard, which is not good for a long run, but it's this darn heat. Winter, where are thou?


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