Another Race, but This Time a 10K

Today I ran the Miramar Pines Rotary 10K in Miramar, FL.  This is the first time I've done this event, even though it's the 12th year they've done it.  I was happy to have found a Winter 10K where I can actually see what I've made of.

According to my PRs, I should have broken the 1 hour mark long time ago.  However, all my 10Ks have been in 79-86F and/or 84%+ humidity.  Not the most conducive PR races, I know.

I came from running the best 5K I've done on a trail race where I also won my AG.  I ran well on Monday and then on Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat.  I took two days off from running trying to shake this cold and although I'm not back to 100%, the worse has passed.

So, I was not sure how I would run this.  I have a 20 miler tomorrow so I did not want to go all out.  At the same time, this was possibly the only chance I got to break the 1 hour since the next 10K is in May and it's usually one that makes me walk the temps are so warm.

I did not even eat my usual pasta meal last night (that's reserved for tonight).  After all, this is just a 10K (I can see my DH's eyes rolling already, LOL).  I did not even sleep well and woke up feeling tired.  I also ran last night and did yoga and tons of situps.  Overall, I did no taper.

Race: I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of runners from my running group there when I got there.  They are very fast runners and it did not surprise me they won 1st and 2nd in their AGs.  When I saw them at the turnaround, they were 5th and 6th overall.

Temps were in the mid 50s so it was a nice day to race.  We started at 7:40am which is a little early in my opinion (by the time I finished it was 67F and getting warmer), but at least the humidity was just 75%.  Perfect!

I decided to go how my body dictated and it dictated a good pace.  I was really surprised with the pace because I've never ran a 10K at low 9mms.  Coming from the 5K where for the first time I ran 8:45mm, I decided to just go with it.  The queen of negative split is in the house.

The first 4 miles were easy.  They felt too easy.  Mile 5 was tough and Mile 6 was tough too, but I felt I did not go all out on this one.  That was surprising because the pace was too fast for what I've been doing.  I know I've gotten faster but these past few races have been a blank slate (my goals have been smashed).  I crossed the finish line having passed a girl that turned out to be in my AG and having failed to pass the girl that took 3rd in my AG.  Darn it!

I got a huge 3.5 minute PR, yet all I could think of was that I missed an AG award by 10 seconds.

Here are my paces:
Mile 1: 9:27
Mile 2: 9:24
Mile 3: 9:16
Mile 4: 9:10
Mile 5: 9:12
Mile 6: 8:51 (Wow)
0.20: 1:43 (7:49mm)

In conclusion, this was my best 10K by far.  Coming from my best 5K (not a PR but the course was long), 2011 bodes well for me.

Oh, and a pic:


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