The Week That's Full of Surprises

After my AG win on the 5K on Sunday, I had a nice 3 miler and kickboxing workout that afternoon, followed by a nice 6 miler on Monday night.  And then...I got sick.  AGAIN!  Sheesh!  I never catch a break.  I just spent two days just working and resting.  I could not take time off because of my work, so I had to make do with what I have.

But today I woke up a little better and as the day went by I felt better and better.  So I decided to go out and run.  Before I left the house, I did a Shred-It video with kettlebells for 30 minutes.  Then, I headed out to meet the running group.  I ran by myself because they were too fast again, but I ran great.  So great I finished at GMP.  How in the world?

And I feel fine now.  Go figure.


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