One Week From Marathon # 2

I'm going to do some rambling about this time period.  As you may have read, I finished my first marathon on December 5, 2010.  It was horrible, I was sick, I could barely run and I walked a LOT.  I finished and recovered quickly.  Although my training went great, I felt I needed to do something to restart my training.  So, I switched my eating habits, and went to the chiro to take care of the back issues.

I've not done much training (compared to the previous training session).  I was supposed to do the ING half but instead switched to the full two weeks ago, which cut my training by 3 weeks.  However, the training has been good and of good quality.  I've done one 16 miler, 1 18 miler, 1 20 miler, a half marathon, a 5K, and a 10K race (both new PRs and the 5K a first AG).  I've lost 12 pounds and I feel great.  I've also added cross training, weights, yoga and pilates to my weeks to take care of the back and it has worked very well.  Overall, I could not be running better.

So, why do I still feel scared?  I knew I could have run the West Palm Beach Marathon if I'd been healthy.  Yet, I didn't.  I know I can finish and I know I can do well, but I just hope I don't catch a cold on Thursday or something.  I've hardly told people about me doing this marathon because for some reason I feel superstitious, after Marathon # 1.

I'm ready, I know it.  I've been ready since December 4, 2010.  I just need to start believing in myself again.


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