The Week Continues

Yesterday, I had another chiro appointment.  He was very pleased with my progress so far, and he did some work for the back.  He will also take care of the hamstrings issue, so I don't need to find a PT to help me with that as well.  After the PT and the stretching his therapist did, I was pretty sore, but managed to do 30 minutes of kickboxing, 30 minutes of weights, 20 minutes of core, and 20 minutes of yoga.  I love Chalene Johnson of the Turbo Jam series and I bought the set for Turbo Fire and boy, are they great.  I chose each and every one of my workouts last night from that series.  Even for me that kickboxing is too easy, these workouts kicked my behind.

Today, I had a 6 miler with the running group. Since the group meets too late for me, I usually end up running 2 miles prior to the meet and continue on with them.  It rained today.  I was soaked by Mile 3.  I ended up running slower because one of our new members was running with me and she was around my pace but a little slow.  My iPod got drenched but I hope it works tomorrow.

So, the stretching and cross training is working!


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