Change of Plans

After finishing Week 9 of marathon training, DH and I discussed whether I should travel for my marathon or not. Space Coast is 3.5 hours away and on Thanksgiving weekend. After much discussion, I decided not to run it.

BUT...the Palm Beaches Marathon is a week later. So, I've signed up for my second first full marathon. December 5!!!!

Which gives me an extra week. After Sunday's slow 16 miler, I had to take a massage. My hip, groin, and lower back were horrible after traveling to SC, Orlando, and home. The massage was painful but necessary. I feel better.

So this week I decided to take the extra week, do a cutback week and run a tune up 10K race this Sunday. Wish me luck. My last 5K (two Sundays ago) did not go well because of my cold.


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