Day 38 - The Weather Continues to Cooperate

It's still hot, but not as hot as last week. My runs have been going well. I took yesterday off for non-running reasons, so I was itching to go out today.

So off I went to do an easy 8 miler. Temps were at 88F but the humidity was way lower. The sun was still high in the sky (we live to the West of Miami), so it felt hot. But I could tell it was not as hot as last week. First mile was again slower than pace but as soon as I finished the first mile, the second one went drastically faster. I was running on sidewalks today because I left the complex and there is no way I'll be running on the streets on an avenue with the most angry drivers in the U.S. I run on the street everywhere here except for big avenues, just because there are no sidewalks. Oh, well.

Temp - 88 - 82F
Heat Index - 99 - 90
Humidity - 67-90%
Dew Point - 76-79F
Goal Pace - 10:56 - 11:26mm
Actual Pace - 10:58mm


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