Week 9 - I'm back Doing Doubles

I'm on a training for most of the week in SC. This place is hilly but it gives me the opportunity to run hills which I don't have in Miami. However, since most of the coworkers go out to dinner and have fun, I know I cannot run 9-10 miles in the afternoon without missing on all the fun. So, I am doing doubles this week. I've done them before and I thrive on it, except at home I have to wake up too early to do them.

AM run - On the TM as I'm not familiar with this area at night. Finished 4 miles in 45:26 and walked an additional 0.50 to finish.

PM run - I ran up to the hills. Temps were 93 (10 degrees hotter than Miami) but the humidity was just 34%. Oh, awesome. I've found out that I'm not affected by the heat, but the humidity is a killer for my body. That's just me. I ran hills and HILLS and finished 5 miles in 55:17, which is great considering I RAN HILLS! And I've not been able to hit that pace on flat Miami unless the temps are 80 or less. I also walked an additional 0.50.

Doubles again was a success.


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