Week 7 Still Sucks

Life is too funny sometimes. But next time, do the comedy the week after a 20 miler, not the week of. So after my tire issue, Wednesday did not go better. A friend was coming for a visit and she told me the wrong flight time. I could have run in the morning but since she told me wrong time, I did not. No biggie. But then, when I got home, the termite tenting was a sure thing, so I started making reservations, planning and packing for Thursday. So no run on Wednesday.

Thursday was a little better. Temps were nice and I was able to meet the running group for my run. 8 wonderful miles at pace. Then, packing and moving to a hotel for the tenting. Cats would remain home until tomorrow morning and we were to transport them today. That did not go well. They were too nervous, the heat outside the house and no breakfast. My head was pounding by the time I went to the hotel! I did not even hydrate well. Ugh.

So the temps are high again and I decide to run outside. HOT! I was barely able to hold on to pace and I was getting slower by the mile. I was soaked in sweat at mile 1 and the sun was relentless. I barely made it back to the hotel at Mile 6.30 running 12mm (barely) and I decided to switch to the TM. As soon as I started the TM at 10:30mm and I felt I was walking. What a difference the temps make! 9.70 miles which were partly horrible and partly fine.

I want Winter NOW!


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