Day 39 - A Bad Run

It was bound to happen. With all these great runs, one was bound to be bad. I had a 7 miler scheduled today with 3 mile repeats. Since I'm doing a 16 miler tomorrow and this speedwork was supposed to be on Thursday, I did not want to damage my long run by running too fast.

I started with 1.50 miles of warmup, then I did 3 miles @ GMP (10:21mm). By then, the wheels fell off. My stomach was hurting, I had no energy, and it was HOT. The temps went up considerably compared to the previous days, but I did not realize how much until the middle of the GMP run. I finished 1.50 miles cooldown and cut the run short. Too many issues.

So, considering all the issues, I was glad I did the 3 miles on pace. I could barely hold on between the stomach, the heat, etc.

Now off to hydrate for tomorrow's 16 miler.


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