The End of Week 6 - A Semi-Bonked Long Run

It was bound to happen as I mentioned last night. A couple of good runs to get my confidence back and then BAM! Horrible runs. Today was like yesterday; stomach issues, heat, lots of other problems. Schedule said 16 and I finished 15. I should have continued but after wanting to quit at Mile 7 and in fact stopping several times to start walking home but prevailing, I decided to give it up and leave to fight another day.

Today, the temps soar again. It was cooler in temps but very high in humidity. These are the stats during the run:

Start Time: 5:55 AM
Temps: 79F
Heat Index: 83F
Humidity: 87%
Dew Point: 74F

Mile 7:
Temps: 81F
Heat Index: 87F
Humidity: 89%
Dew Point: 75F

Finish Time:
Temps: 86F
Heat Index: 96F
Humidity: 70%
Dew Point: 75F

Good thing the stomach was quitting because I was running in a pool of sweat that stained my floor every time I came in to refill my water bottle.

Overall, I'm proud I stuck with it as far as I did. No soreness or anything. Body is healing well; stomach is still blah but what can you do.

At least 15 is almost 16 and more than 7!!!!!


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