Getting Sick During Marathon Training

I have not posted for days and it's because I've been SICK! I knew that on Friday, when I hyperventilated during the run. I blamed it on the heat and it was partly the heat, but it was also the fact that I was getting a cold. I finished my 8 miler on Sunday on pace and everything but by Monday morning something was wrong. I had a fever, and was so tired. I even had a sore throat, symptoms my husband had since Thursday.

I had to work because I had to do a deposition, so I went to work and came back home after it was done. I went to work on Tuesday although I should not have and by Tuesday night I was worse, if that's even possible. Wednesday was another go to work come back home day, and today is the first day I feel fine. I did not run until today, so my 50+ mile week is gone.

I ran today at the park with the running group. My goal was to do the scheduled 8 but was happy with anything above 1. The first mile went fine so I continued. I finished 5.10 and decided to give it a rest. Why push too much when I have a 5-K race on Saturday and a 20 miler on Sunday? The 5 were awesome and on pace.

I call that a come back!


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