Week 7 Starts with a BAM!

Literally! I got a flat tire today. It figures this week is not going to be an easy one.

Yesterday I did kickboxing for 1 hour and weights (arms and shoulders) for another hour. I did not sleep well and I'm still sore.

Spent half of my day in court and the rest catching up with work. As I was coming home, I hear a noise under the car (must've been several nails that fell from a truck or something). I did not hear anything else so I thought nothing of it. Then, as I was leaving for my group run tonight, I noticed I had a super flat tire. I knew it was that noise. So it's 6:30pm, I managed to put air on the tire and as soon as I stop I hear the hissing sound of the tire going flat again. I drive to the tire store and made it in time before the flat appears again. I ended up buying a new tire, but get home too late to run my full scheduled run.

As I head out with my ipod (I have not run with the ipod for days and I miss it), the thunder and rain arrive. So at Mile 1 I turned around and leave the ipod at home. After which the rain stopped, haha.

The run was a little painful. Sore rather than painful. It was not a good day but I was able to run on pace. Temps are getting nicer.

Looking forward to my run tomorrow to see whether the soreness goes away.


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