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And I Keep On Running

I have not written in a few days.  I've been busy with work, running, and life in general.  I ran 50.91 last week and a streak that lasted until Tuesday.  I've been running strong and today I finish the month with my highest mileage for a month: 204.96.  All on pace (10mm) or faster.  Considering I ran for 12 straight days and almost 95 miles during those 12 days, that I continue to do kickboxing, weights, yoga, and running, I think the legs feel great.  I cannot wait for my Fall/Winter races to come!  Woot! I did have a bad run.  Last Thursday I attempted to do 4 X 800.  It was 88F and I ran too fast.  I was also tired in general and should've listened to my body which wanted to run easy.  So next time, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! But overall, everything is working fine and I love it.

After A Good Race and a Tough Long Run, What's Next? Heaven!

If not resting and running tired are the key to my new pace, I like it. I had an awesome run today.  Before I headed out I decided to do a kickboxing workout for 30 minutes.  I wanted to warm up for my run and at the same time run with tired legs, which comes handy during marathon training. When I left, it was 77F, 50% humidity, and partially cloudy.  Well, not really.  It was not cloudy; there were NO CLOUDS.  Forecasters lie!  Try running with the sun still up in the sky (I live West) in front of you following you like a crazy looking glass.  Then, I made a turn a BAM, a headwind!  I was still pacing great with the headwind and the only hill in Doral, so I was happy and pushing on. I was lucky I brought my Gatorade since I needed it throughout this hot run.  But oh, is was so worth it!  Did I mention I ran 14 miles yesterday and a 5K race on Saturday (with 4 more miles)?  I think this pace was awesome considering that. And to top it off, I also did an upper body band workout

Tough Runs Teach You Something

It was bound to happen.  So many good runs back to back were bound to lead to a bad run.  Yesterday was it. A 14 miler that was tough.  However, even tough made me run faster than ever for a 14 miler.  I ran 35 seconds slower per mile compared to last week's 13 miler but the temps yesterday were worst than last week. I started at 7am and immediately headed to the park.  Forecast said 69F with 90% humidity.  My eye.  By Mile 7 I knew the weather was way hotter and humid.  I got nauseous within the span of 0.25 miles.  I almost threw my gel up.  I wanted to walk but I said NO!  I threw water over my head and pushed on.  Nausea returned but not as bad as before, did the same and showed her who's the boss. By Mile 8 the problem had been resolved but I felt it was no use to speed up because the weather was bad.  It was not until I returned home that I realized that the forecast of 69-72 turned into 72-76F.  No wonder I was struggling. Still, I ran 14 miles in 2:30, a new train

Ocean Drive 5K: I Knew I Had Another PR in Me

Today, I ran the Ocean Drive 5K in South Beach.  Temps were perfect for March, 69-72F with only 66% humidity.  Something I could work with. I was not sure whether I should push for a PR.  I just got a PR two weeks ago (26:20 in 77F and a headwind); however, from the way I have been running, I suspected this PR was soft. I've been doing my easy runs between 9:50mm and 10mm, and I did my last 13 miler at 2:12, two minutes of my current (but old) HM PR.  So I knew I could break that 26:20 but I did not know by how much. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my allergy medication on Thursday night and I spent all of Friday and most of last night coughing and sneezing.  I did not feel my best when I went to bed but I decided to shoot for a PR or walk in the process. I arrived there with an hour to spare to pick up my packet and do a shakedown warmup run.  Here's me as I exited the car and headed for my run. I'm not really training for anything at this point.  I have a bunch of ra

What The Heck Is Right With Me?

It could be the 17 pounds I've lost... It could be the 3 marathons in 79 days and the training that I did for them... It could be the Turbo Fire workouts... It could be nutrition... It could be all of the above... I DON'T CARE!  I've been running great for two weeks and faster than easy pace.  I was scared at first thinking I was overdoing it but 9 runs at 10mm or thereabouts won't lie. I cannot wait for the end of this year when I have a shot at breaking both the half marathon and marathon PRs.

The Mileage Buildup Begins

I have not run my usual since Marathon # 1 in December.  I've been running from 33 to 46mpw due to the back to back marathons.  Now that I'm three weeks out of Marathon # 3, I feel that I am fully recovered and I'm ready to go. Last week I ran well.  I even ran faster than pace on all my runs (my 13 miler yesterday was just two minutes short of my current half marathon PR).  My races in 2011 have gone well, so I am now starting my mileage buildup again.  2011 should take me to 70mpw during marathon training later in the year.  So, here I go. This week should be my first week in 3 months that I will reach 50 miles in a week.  Bring it on!

13.1 Miami Beach - A Personal Worst By Choice

On Sunday, Damaris and Chiqui74 ran the 13.1 Miami Beach.  It was Damaris' 8th half marathon (not counting the 3 marathons) and Chiqui's second. It was hot, humid, and hilly.  From the beginning, we realized we would have more fun if we did not worry about out time so that's what we did.  We finished in about 2:40 and it is both our personal worst half marathon (by choice) but we enjoyed it!   A lot of runners had issues (it was very humid).  We saw the emergency vehicles driving by 3 times and we also saw them treating people on the course. During the half, Chiqui said she said she wouldn't do another 13.1 Miami Beach or any other race that went over both causeways (McArthur and Julia Tuttle Causeways).  I think she said this as we were passing a building that said the temperature was 76F.  We'll see.  She signed up for two additional half marathons right thereafter.  They are addictive you know. I'm supposed to be showing the Julia Tuttle Cau

Doral 5K: I Finally Have a New Official PR

Today I ran the Doral 5K, which is a small 5K race organized by my city.  The race was literally 1.25 miles from the house. I had not been feeling well all week, with tons of work and battling a cold that everybody at the office has and I decline to get, LOL.  I also stepped up the Turbo Fire workouts (kickboxing) which left me very sore this week. My hip is even angry at me, the nerve. So, I woke up not feeling my best, but decided to give it a try.  I wanted to PR, as my last PR is from July 2010 and although I've run better than that, all the races have had issues (short courses, long courses, etc.), so I've been unable to count the PR until now.  Based upon my 5 miler last week, I decided to shoot for 26:30, 1.5 minutes faster than my current PR. Since it was so close to home, I ran 1.25 to get there, then relaxed until the race began.  I also ran back home and finished 6 miles for the day. The race is pretty simple, flat, out and back, no curves.  However,