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San Francisco Marathon & Mr. Docket's First 5K

On Sunday, I finished the San Francisco Marathon and my husband ran the San Francisco 5K, his first.  We had tons of fun visiting the city and we came out with a nice stomach virus that has us still in bed for the last two days.  Yay. This was my 7th marathon of 2013 and my 10th this season.  This marathon is part of my quest of a third star on the Maniac and I can say I am more than halfway done already. San Francisco: We arrived in SF on Thursday night.  We opened our eyes on Friday morning at 6am and DH wanted to wake up and I told him, don't wake me up unless you want to go out to run.  Next thing I know, I opened one eye and DH is all dressed up to run, so I had to get up as well.  We did a nice 2 miler down the waterfront.  He was surprised that he could keep the pace we were keeping and I reminded him about the 50F  and 40DP difference, which makes it all different.  We discussed his strategy for the race and he didn't believe he could break 40 minutes and did