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Bay of Fundy Marathon Race Report

On Sunday, I ran the Bay of Fundy Marathon in Lubec, ME. The race goes across the border into Canada and back to the US and it's very scenic.  It is also very hilly.  Of course... After the Martha's Vineyard Marathon, we had a bit of time to train before Fundy and also to do some hill workouts.  I am glad my coach gave me the workouts she did because my legs, albeit slower than a limping turtle parade, were not sore during or after the race.  And contrary to Martha's Vineyard, my knee and ITB were silent; I had no issues whatsoever during this race.  Well, except the slowness, lol. We flew into Bangor, ME, the closest city to Lubec, on Friday night.  We stayed at a nice small inn near the airport and then drove to Lubec after breakfast.  I am from a relatively small island in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, the smaller of the Major Antilles), but have lived most of my life in big cities (San Juan, Miami, Honolulu). Lubec is a very small city, even smaller than what we