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Space Coast Marathon & HM (for Hubby)

This week Mr. Docket ran his first Half Marathon, not only breaking all expectations on it, but also PRing on Thursday at the Miami Turkey Trot 10K.  I paced hubby on the 10K and treated it as an easy/recovery run for me.  I did the Space Coast Marathon today and had a great time too.  More details below. Short: Miami Turkey Trot 10K - 1:11:06, 7+ minute PR for hubby Space Coast Half Marathon - 2:39:XX - 30 minutes below what we were expecting him to do. Space Coast Marathon - 5:10:XX - My fastest in the last month and I have run 5 marathons in 34 days, so awesome. Long Version: Miami Turkey Trot 10K The cold front arrived in Florida solely for 2-4 hours.  It was a cold 55F at the start of the race, 60F at the finish.  LOL.  Notwithstanding it was that warm, I saw people dressed with long sleeve JACKETS, HATS, TIGHTS, and GLOVES.  Da fuck? Our plan was to run at hubby's pace and using his strategy of 1 mile run, 0.10 walk.  After Mile 2, I noticed he was doin