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Last Race of the Season and a Look at 2012

Today, I ran the South Florida Fair 5K.  I wanted to see whether I could race a 5K without albuterol (as my doctor believed).  Today's weather of 74F and 72 dewpoint (95% humidity or thereabouts) meant the answer was no.  For the first time since Las Vegas I had to use the inhaler mid race.  Still, although I came in at a slow (for me) 27:18, I wasted close to 3 minutes using the inhaler which means I'm still running strong (when I can, LOL). Too bad I never got to race last week.  If you didn't read about it, I was about to run the Jingle Bell Jog 5K in 43F and awesome dewpoint numbers to race with asthma when this girl tried to cut me off and ended up tripping me.  I fell so hard I had to DNF the race.  Here are the pics of my knee right after the race and one day later.  It is still black and blue but I will spare you additional pictures. Right after the race: A day later: This last race was not meant to be (as last week's race), but the year ha

Parkland 5 Mile Holiday Run

Today, I ran the Parkland 5 Mile Holiday Run in Parkland, Florida.  This was to be a test of how well I am doing and whether I can race without albuterol.  I got to say this test was a success. I did no taper for this; in fact, I've run a lot of miles this week.  So, my legs were tired and so was I.  Still, I thought I could still PR.  After all, my PR of 44:50 is soft and from two years ago.  In April, I attempted a 5 miler race and had a huge asthma attack, coming in at a disappointing 46:33, which was the story of my first half of the year. But I knew I felt much better now and my runs have gone well, so I was ready to see how well I could do.  I've been doing multiple marathons so I also knew there is no way to get a huge PR in any of my races and the closer to my second maniac star, the tired I'm going to be.  So, this weekend worked perfectly. I woke up at 5am with a migraine.  Not as bad as others, but still a bother.  I drove to Parkland, which is aro

Weston Half Marathon RR

Today, I ran the Weston Half Marathon in Weston, FL.  This is a very nice local race that has a great post-race party, which I didn't attend this year, doh! Anyway, after a horrible marathon last week, my recovery has been going well.  I had to take off from exercise until Wednesday, mainly because my throat was still swollen after that anaphylaxis/asthma attack during the marathon.  So I ran well this week but I didn't push it for fear that the allergy attack would come back. I woke up at 4:40am to get to Weston by 5:30am so I could do race day packet pickup (which around here is a rare treat).  After packet pickup, I went back to the car, drank my coffee and used the restrooms.  Temps were already 73F and humidity was at 71 dewpoint (97% humidity).  At the finish, it was 76F and 93%.  Bah. Here is a picture of me and my running group friends before the race.  The one to my left finished second in his AG and my other friend was Top10 when I saw him last.

RnR Vegas Marathon RR

Last night, I completed the RnR Vegas Marathon.  It was hard for me to complete it.  I seriously wanted to quit since Mile 10 but I had nowhere to go but forward.  I finished it as my third worse.  In positive news, at least my quest for a second maniac star continues. The race started at 3pm.  Weather in Vegas has been really nice, until race day.  Temps were to be 65-59F which felt way colder, but the not so nice part was the wind that started Sunday morning.  We had at one point in time in the race 30mph headwinds. For me, that was not the issue.  It was windy but I didn't feel it by then.  It was the dust that came with it. Miles 1-6 - The first few miles went great.  I was running at MP and my HR was spot on to where it should be.  I actually kept looking at the pace and the HR and saying damn, everything is working out fine.  These miles started at the Mandalay Bay going South and then turning back to the Strip and going North all the way til the end.  Best part