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Weston Run for Tomorrow Half Marathon RR

Sigh, I thought I was done racing this year, but then a cold front happened! My next race is the Disney Marathon in January, 2018, but I have been eyeing some short races to see where my speed is at (basically to see if the 10K was a fluke or not).  I registered for the Ft. Lauderdale Jingle Bell Jog 5K next weekend (which now I will probably skip), but I said I wasn't running the Weston Run for Tomorrow Half Marathon unless it was 40F in South Florida. Which in December is basically impossible.  We hit 90F heat index Thursday and 85F on Friday, which is sort of our new normal all year long.  Damn climate change... 😡 But a cold front was coming.  I saw the weekend would have a low of 45F on Sunday and then realized the race was on Sunday!💡  I quickly asked my coach if OK to run it (I had a 10 mile LR but we had talked about the race a bit in prior weeks) and got the OK to register and boom, both me and my husband were in! I have run this race before, the first and se