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Weston 4th of July 5K RR

Today, Mr. Docket and I ran the Weston 4th of July 5K in Weston, FL.  It was a nice and sunny, but hot and humid day, we had tons of fun, one ran her strongest 5K in the Summer, and the other one PRd. Training : This is Week 1 of marathon training for me.  I am training for Chicago and my coach created an awesome training plan for me.  I gotta be honest that when I read the plan, I skipped a heart beat and I gulped.  It will be challenging nonetheless but I'm up for it.  Having said that, the weather down here has been horrible.  Not the heat as much as the humidity.  I don't think I have run in anything less than 75 dewpoint at all and one of the runs was in 78 dewpoint.  All of my runs this week have been slow and painful.  But who cares about speed if you can perform on race day, right?  Which is why today's race was very important. We had a nice dinner and some drinks, went to bed at 11am and woke up at 5:30am.  Or at least that's his story.  I went to be