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RnR Seattle Marathon RR - Make Up Race # 1

Last year, we had a lot of new states planned up for our quest of 50 states.  However, we had a very eventful year last year, and some of our planned races were missed. The next two marathons will make up for the same races last year we missed. Last year, I trained for the RnR Seattle and had everything planned, including my outfit and all.  Then, that Thursday, as I was trying to check us into the flight, I couldn't find the code for it.  Called the airline and they couldn't find us.  Found the charge on our credit card and SOMEONE (not me, but my other half) booked us for the wrong date (one month later).  So, after trying to switch the flights and figuring out it would cost us $1800 more to make it there that evening, we canceled and got a voucher for a trip to Chicago later that year.  At the time, we were kind of relieved.  We were tired, our cats had no nanny, and we were just happy to stay home.  The second missed marathon includes a brain tumor and surgery, but tha

Tamarack Ottawa Marathon RR

Last Sunday, the day had arrived.  My first marathon since knee surgery!  I have been patiently waiting and training for the day, but I also scared to see if my knee could do it.  To the point that I waited 16 weeks to run it, even though I could have run it earlier.  But I wanted to be as prepared as possible. This is how I looked on February 1, 2017, the day after the surgery: Six weeks of PT post surgery got me to the place of being able to run 50mpw every week again.  My surgeon did an excellent job fixing what a car accident broke.  Glad I went through surgery right after. The training went well. I was doing some speedwork, but I knew I would most likely not be able to run it at anything close to that MP since the training took only 11 weeks and coming out of knee surgery, but I wanted to do some speed workouts just to see how my knee would feel.  I also started going to Orange Theory once a week and, although I started on the bike for the first few weeks, I manag