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A Tiresome Run

I ran today with the brace. The whole 6 miles. I was tired and sore all over, plus I forgot my allergy pill so my chest was tight and the nose was running. It was not pretty but I still ran sub-11mm which is great. Even though I wore the brace, there was some pain during the first 3 miles. I think the first 2 miles were painful because I did not tighten the brace properly, so once I did, the run went much smoother. So, my goal on Sunday is to run the half marathon to the best of my abilities. I wanted to PR but I cannot control an ankle sprain. I hate when I get injured but it's not running related (I was running when I fell on a whole on the sidewalk but still, not caused by running). I'm this close to the marathon and I've been running healthy and well. Why now?

I Am Getting Faster

My ankle is still not at a 100%, but I ran today. I went to the park and attempted something less than 9 but more than 5. I did 5.07 so I achieved my goals. The first two miles were without the brace. They were uncomfortable; maybe a tad painful. So, I stopped and donned the brace. What a difference! My splits immediately went down 20 seconds per mile. No more feeling uncomfortable. I stopped at 5 because I was tired and I did not want to push it. Here are the splits. As you can see for the past 3 weeks my speed has really started to show even in the heat: Mile 1 - 10:49 Mile 2 - 10:49 Mile 3 - 10:26 Mile 4 - 10:26 Mile 5 - 10:25 I'm not even running at 11mm anymore. These were not even my splits last Winter (most of the runs were high 10mm to low 11mm). So I am getting faster than I thought.

A Little Hiatus to Cure an Ankle

I've been MIA and it's because I have not been running. I twisted my ankle two weeks ago and then retwisted it last week. Since then, I've run twice and both runs have been painful. I went to the orthopedist and he determined it was just a sprain and ordered me to run with an ankle brace. But running with the brace is too uncomfortable. So, I took 3 days off running. I bailed on an 18 miler, an 11 miler and a 10. I feel so out of the training program. I just want to run! Today I'll test the foot. I'm scared. Will it hurt?

A Good 9 Miler But in Pain

There's something going on with my foot. Since I twisted it last Wednesday, it has hurt me. Not always. Once I reach Mile 5, the pain goes away like magic. I've iced it, rest it, etc., but nothing. The pain is not too bad although it's now at a 2 of 10. Must watch the foot and if need be, I'll completely rest. So since I did an 11 miler yesterday at close to GMP, I decided to take it easy today. Even when I felt I was too slow, I was running on pace and running a perfect negative split, just as I've always done. So, the run was good but I had a bit of pain until Mile 5. I've been running strong for 2 weeks. I'm surprised since Summer running has been horrible. With these runs I have hope I may be able to run my goal pace at the marathon. Next week I have a half marathon. I'm shooting for a PR (better than 2:12, hoping for 2:10), but I'm not sure. Marathon training is tiring and this half has a big hill. But that won't mean I will not

Another 11 Miler Exceeds Expectations

The temps have been stagnant so running even faster than last week makes no sense. Yet, that's what I did. I just finished an 11 miler at 7 seconds slower than GMP. I've run at 10:29mm before. In fact, during the Winter, most of my runs were at that pace. Yet, I've not experienced it since this Summer started. But tonight it was just that night. Not only did I run 11 miles with an average pace of 10:29mm, but I did 6 miles at faster than marathon pace. Those are a lot of good miles. Here are the paces. What I like the most is that the whole run was on pace. Great! Split Time Distance Avg Pace Summary 01:55:22 11.00 10:29 1 00:11:20 1.00 11:20 2 00:11:12 1.00 11:12 3 00:10:36 1.00 10:36 4 00:10:35 1.00 10:35 5 00:10:31 1.00 10:31 6 00:10:16 1.00 10:16 7 00:09:52 1.00 09:52 8 00:10:19 1.00 10:19 9 00:10:08 1.00 10:08 10 00:10:14 1.00 10:14 11 00:10:13 1.00 10:13

What a Difference an iPod Makes

I used to run all my runs with the iPod. I love my music; I can listen to music 24/7. But since Space Coast (my old marathon) was not going to allow headphones, I have been doing 2-3 runs without iPod per week. Today was a day that was without. I've done 16-20 milers without iPods. I started at 6:15am to beat the sun. Temps were great: 70F with 68% humidity. However, while I was running (well, shuffling at an almost walking pace) the humidity felt so much higher. My ankle, which you remember has been bothering me, was hurting through mile 6. I started considering just quitting at Mile 8 (the loop that would take me home) and rest the ankle, but by Mile 7 I said NO! I was so slow, I was behind pace by almost 5 minutes by then. I got home, refilled the water bottle, took my second Crank gel (these things are great) and headed out. Oh, and I picked up my iPod. I needed all the help I could get. As soon as I started the music, I got a second wind. I immediately ran on pace

A Forced Double

Today I had a 9 miler planned. Since the gardener was supposed to fix our trees and stuff and he said he would be here by 8am, I prepared myself to run at 8am. Well, he arrived at 9:45 and I left the house at 10. It was already 79-80F even though it was 67 at 8am. I did very well; ankle still bothered me from time to time but otherwise I was doing well and on pace. Then, I stopped by the house at mile 5 to drink some Gatorade and I started again. By then, I could feel it was very hot and got nauseous at Mile 6. Since I knew that could mean dehydration (thanks to the sun being at its zenith and no clouds on the horizon), I headed back home. Finished 6.60. My stomach was blah all day and my ankle hurt more. But I went out at 6pm to finish the run. The 2.40 miles were not fast (long run pace) but at least they are done. Tomorrow's run is a 16 miler. We will see how the ankle behaves. Icing it tonight and watching it tomorrow to see.

A Well Deserved Rest Day and A Killer 10 Miler

After my back to back 11 miler, I had a little bit of soreness (a little, ha) especially near the hip area, which is the one that has been bothering me a bit. So, I decided to take a rest day yesterday to see what was what. It was nice coming home from work and having nothing to do until dinner time. LOL. So, today I had an easy 10 miler (what's up with these double digit runs, sheesh!) and I did not know how my body would react. Nothing hurt anymore but, as soon as I started running, the foot I twisted on Wednesday (I had forgotten about that) started hurting. It did not abate until Mile 5. I went outside of the complex for a bit and ran an easy 4. Since mile 1 I knew I was running faster than the rest of the week even without effort. I took no water and made no stops until Mile 5, when I stopped by the house to pick up a Crank gel (awesome gels, BTW). Then continued on. As soon as I started Mile 6, the body was flying. I did 3 miles at MP pace (I wanted more but the body

Another 11 Miler Bites the Dust

Today I ran another 11 miler, back to back with the one from yesterday. I cannot believe I actually finished. I even ran faster than yesterday's when the humidity was at 91% and it felt hot. I've been nursing a groin/hip soreness for weeks now, which started when we moved certain heavy furniture out of the house during a termite tenting. Today it's hurting more than usual, but it's humid. For some reason it's sorest when it rains. I'll keep monitoring to see whether it's anything major but the soreness is so low it's not necessarily worrysome right now.

The Mid-Runs Are Lengthening

Today, two days after my second 20 miler, I had an 11 miler scheduled. I was not sure I would be able to run it on pace (I knew I would finish notwithstanding) but I actually did. The run started with me already tired from work and from waking up all through the night. I had some pasta for lunch (which is my usual lunch any way), and I had some cereal and OJ before heading outside. It was raining, and I do not run in the rain, but since this week is a pretty tough one, I did not want to take my only other rest day already and have back to back runs all the way through Sunday. So, off I go to the park to meet my running group in the rain. I meet with some and do some loops at the park until they close the park. I had one of the Crank gels halfway through the run and ran back home. By the time I left the park I was doing a great pace (easy pace) and I did not seem to slow down much. I finished near home and walk a bit to stretch. Overall, a successful run. Now if I can repeat the 1

Second 20 Miler is In The Books

Today I ran my 3rd 20 miler of this training session (Eh, 2nd, really since I had to scrap the second one due to illness). It was quite an adventure and I'm surprised I finished. The temps have been really nice lately and I've been running strong. However, by Friday, I was pretty tired since I ran a hilly workout on Monday, an easy pace run (faster than I've run all Summer due to the heat), and a speedwork session, followed by a recovery run. All of 9 miles each. So, I was pretty tired come this 20 miler. The temps we expected were great. 70F at 7am and 82 at 11am. Since temps were so nice and the humidity looked like it would be 74% at the most, I decided to start my run at 7am. When I woke up on Sunday, humidity was 90%! So, I knew it would be tough. I did well during the first 10 miles, and during most of miles 11-14. Temps were nice, humidity was there but it did not feel that bad. I tried 2 of the new Crank gels I ordered and they were good. However, instead

A Recovery Run in Perfect Weather

Today was a little warmer than yesterday but still within the great temps we've been having all week. 81F to start, 76F at the end. 56% humidity and 59F dew point. Loved it. I decided to run a recovery 9 miler instead of the usual easy miler because my legs are very tired from this week's workouts. I did a hill workout on Monday and speedwork on Thursday so legs are screaming. Now off to carbo load for Sunday's 20 miler.

I Still Hate Intervals

I hate them with a passion. But, they are necessary to get some speed, especially with a half marathon in three weeks and the marathon in less than 2 months. So, I planned on doing my 4 X 1600 although I was still sore from the hilly workout and yesterday's 9 miler. So, I started with a 1.25 mile warmup, followed immediately by my first mile repeat. Goal pace was 8:58mm - 9:18mm but I knew I would not be able to hit this pace because (1) I have done no speedwork for 4 weeks due to sickness, life, etc.; (2) I had a headwind during the whole workout; and (3) my legs were tired. But I gave it my all. Here are the paces: Mile Repeat 1 - 9:42mm Mile Repeat 2 - 9:23mm (this was the only repeat without a headwind so I know I could have hit the pace had I not had the wind) Mile Repeat 3 - 9:30mm Mile Repeat 4 - 9:35mm I finished the run with another 1.25 cooldown. Overall, a very satisfying workout. And I have a 9 miler tomorrow as well. This marathon training is exhausting! But I l

A 9 Miler in Awesome Weather

Good thing I'm having great runs when the temps go down slightly. My last two races have sucked badly and I'm starting to question whether I can finish the marathon within my goal time. BUT, this week has proven me wrong. Too bad this cold front did not arrive on Saturday, so that my race could go better. After my DC run on Monday, I took Tuesday off because of the traveling. My legs were sore from the hilly workout, but I felt fine. I left the house and started my 9 miler taking it in stride and not planning to stop unless I needed to. There was a nice breeze and the temps were somewhere in the mid 70s. By mile 2 the breeze started to get chilly (yes!) and the pace started to accelerate significantly. I finished with an awesome run faster than DC's 9 miler even though there was a 30 degree difference between them. And it was ON PACE.

Running Through DC

I am in DC for professional reasons and I had a 9 miler scheduled. I ran around the mall and had a great time. Although it had been raining all day, it stopped raining and the weather was in the 50s. Wonderful run! Compared to yesterday's race, this felt too easy. I ran on pace and did not need any water or any stops except after the hill by Congress. Nice!

Phantom Week Ends with a Bit of Disappointment

Today I ran the Race for the Cure 10K in Crandon Park, Florida. This was an unexpected race that I signed up for after deciding to switch marathons. I wanted to run it; it's a fun race and I've done it before, but I could not fit it into my schedule until now. The idea was to run according to McMillan paces based on my last half marathon PR (2:12:14). According to that race, I should finish my marathon in 4:32 or so. I wanted to see how I was progressing after putting a lot of mileage since that half marathon and now. My last good race was on July 4th, where I ran a 5K and PR'd by 45 seconds. So, I was wondering how good would I be today. McMillan has me as capable of running a 58:XX 10K, so I wanted to shoot for sub-60. It was not meant to be. Don't get me wrong; I am proud of my race. I PR'd by 21 seconds but I'm still far from the sub-60. Temps were 74F with 90% humidity!!!!! I'm sure the weather had something to do with it but how much? I don&#

Phantom Week

As I mentioned before, I changed marathons so I have an extra training week. Since there is a 10K this weekend, I decided to take it now. My body has been aching, especially the lower back and right hip. I don't know what it is but it seems to be related to the piriformis and the back. On Tuesday I ran 8 miles. Since the temps were still hot and humid, it was OK and not on pace. On Thursday I ran another 8.03. Humidity was 56% and it went great. No hip issues. Today, I ran another 8 miles and they were hard. Did not run at pace and everything from the belly button down is sore. I think it's age, LOL.