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R.A.G. 26.2 & Fort Myers Beach Marathon RRs: When You are Searching for 3 Maniac Stars, Go For 4!!!!!

This weekend I finished my first double weekend, two marathons within the span of 2 days (really, in 24 hours counting finish 1 with start 2 or thereabouts).  This was both easier and tougher than I expected.  I did both of them strongly, although slower than I could attempt on a multiple marathon schedule, as you can imagine. After the Chicago DNF, I only had MCM, NYCM, Ft. Myers, Space Coast and WPB, to finish my 12 in 2013 after Space Coast and getting my 3 stars.  Only, LOL.  But when I DNFd Chicago, I was bummed.  I knew it was the right choice but my PR attempt for this season was over until I could figure out the pain source AND it would be certainly impossible to do with this schedule.  Then, I got an email from one of the local event organizations.  A marathon in Sarasota.  I looked at the date and said, oh, too bad, I'm doing Ft. Myers that day.  Wait, it is the day before!!!! Hmmmm.  And my mind started convincing me of attempting a double to get 4 stars instead of

Dash to the Finish 5K and NY City Marathon Race Reports

So, I signed up for the NYCM lottery for my third time, thinking I would never get in with a lot of people left out in 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy. This was my third try at NYCM and the second time I got in.  Both times I've gotten in have been in years I really didn't want to get selected, so, I've come to a decision that in order to get into NY, you really must be meh about it. Once I got in and was $270 or whatever poorer, I told hubby we had to go, right?  Since he does not want me to do any more big races unless they have a HM with it, I looked for a race and we found the Dash to the Finish 5K, and I registered both of us.  That mollified him a little.  Still, he said, NO MORE MCM OR NYCM.  Sure.  Except I signed up to get a free guaranteed entry to be announced tomorrow.  I have come to the conclusion that since I don't really expect to win, I will probably win it.  Stay tuned. We arrived to NY on Thursday night, after 10pm.  Took a shuttle to Grand Centr