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Reykjavik Marathon RR

On Saturday, I ran the Reykjavik Marathon (yes, in Iceland!!!!) and had a lot of fun on this trip and race.  Three weeks ago, I wasn't even sure if I could even start the race (see below), but more PT and a giant taper helped.  I ended up running a 21 minute post knee surgery PR and the fastest marathon in close to two years. It's been one heck of a month for me and my knee.  As I have mentioned, my recovery from meniscus surgery went really well and I did two marathons post surgery without any issues whatsoever.   Training for Iceland was going great and I had even restarted doing speedwork and hitting Orange Theory workouts with ease as well.  However, on peak week in preparation for this race, around three weeks ago, I was at Orange Theory doing a 12 minute distance run (trying to run straight for 12 minutes, haha, which I have covered).  When I stepped off their treadmill, my operated knee hurt around the patella.  I have never felt this kind of pain before, not even b