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ING Miami Marathon RR

Yesterday, I completed my 12th marathon and one more marathon needed in my quest for a second star on the Marathon Maniacs.  Since I had just run the Goofy Challenge at Disney two weeks prior, I was not expecting a PR or even to attempt one.  Last year, I had stomach issues during this race and I finished with a course PR after having nausea and retching all throughout the last 8 miles of the course.  And guess what? History repeated itself and I repeated the same performance, doh! I was dedicating this event to Karnel, a fellow forumite from the Women's Forum, who passed away unexpectedly late last year.  There is a virtual event created by fellow WFers and I decided this would be the best event to dedicate to her. Training has been going well.  I recovered from Disney quickly and my runs were going really well.  I have not used albuterol since the 5K at the end of 2012 that caused me an attack, so I was happy to be doing speedwork and faster runs without issue.  Overall

2013 Goofy Challenge RR With Pics

Some races are your best even though the number does not reflect it.  Having said that, sometimes the number also says it all, even when the number is not a PR. Today, I finished the Goofy Challenge for the second time.  The Goofy consists of running the Disney Half Marathon on Saturday, followed by the Disney Marathon on Sunday.  You're reward?  Three awesome medals and the right to brag. I've been doing multiple marathons since September, finishing Berlin (September), MCM (October), and LV (December), halfway through my second Maniac star.  I knew it would be a challenge (I failed to gain my second star last year) but this season, everything has changed.  My allergies are better, my asthma is better, and overall, I'm more in control of my running and my asthma as compared to the 2011-2012 racing season. Last month, I finished the LV Marathon with a horrible time and a severe allergy/asthma attack at Mile 9 that left me scared of attempting something like tha