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Santa Hustle Indianapolis HM

I wasn't going to write about this race, mostly because I treated it like a long run and I was waiting for me to run the Donut 5K to make a double race report, but I got a migraine the morning of that race and didn't run it, so here it goes. On December 15, I ran the Santa Hustle Half Marathon in downtown Indy. The course starts at the American Legion Mall where the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials are located.The course takes us South and then back North for the most part, in similar fashion as the Indy Monumental race. The day was similar to Monumental with temps in the mid 20s with windchills in the teens and windy. We were supposed to get snow that day, but we were fortunate and the snow was delayed until later that day. Glad that happened because we got 7"+ of snow and not sure if the race would've been held had that occurred the night before. I didn't do the packet pickup the day before, as I didn't want to head to downtown once again (as every d