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Flying Pig Half Marathon RR

It has been a tough two weeks prior to this race.  First, I got an asthma bout that made me cancel the Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon because I could barely get off the couch without an asthma attack.  Then, I traveled for work to our training facility in South Carolina and because of the prednisone I had to take for the asthma, my defenses were super low and I got sick with a bad cold.  As I type this RR, I am still somewhat congested and my lungs are still coughing, even two weeks after the cold started. Fortunately, although I had to cut two weeks of mileage, I was sort of back to normal by the time we left for the Pig.  I even ran an 18 miler on Thursday before we left and that went well.  I wasn't racing this half marathon, first because it's super hilly, but also because I wasn't feeling good enough to race this and I did not want to mess with my marathon training any more than I had between knee surgery, asthma, and the cold.  So, we were planning on having a