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Michelob Ultra 13.1 Chicago Half Marathon RR

Why: Hubby is doing one half marathon a month to get higher on the Half Fanatics level and I don't have a marathon until July, so why not? How:  We had tons of fun and even though hubby was dealing with a groin issue after Mile 10, he finished his third fastest half marathon (out of six) and did pretty well. We had tons of fun.  I FEd with as many people as I could (sorry, Runny_Babbit, Jerry, you are going to be on my next trip to Chicago, fo shizzle - if that's how it's said). So, here is the RR, in pics: I arrived in Chicago at 11:30am while hubby was coming twelve hours later due to work.  LRB, who was in town for business, picked me up at the airport and after many years of friendship, we met in person. We met Mary at my hotel, checked in and went to the Navy Pier for lunch: Fooled around town for a bit. And later said our goodbyes.    I met my coach and RobinCD for coffee (forgot to take a picture), went back to the hotel, had din