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Doral 5K, Excalibur 10 Mile Race and a 50+mpw. I'm back!

So, after last week's race and surprising time, I decided it would be nice to race this weekend too.  You know, cause I'm stupid!  The weather in Miami for March has been unbelievably cool, although next week Summer will be here.  But the Doral 5K, a race that's run very close to my house, was going to be very nice and cool and would be a good way to get my miles in and get some speedwork to boot.  I also noticed the Excalibur Run was not full this year and my husband and I needed a 10 miler as our long run for this weekend, so we signed up for the race last minute and planned to head to Central Florida on Saturday afternoon. Overall, a nice weekend of races. But, this being the week I could potentially go back to my normal mileage (around 50mpw), I did not want to miss the chance to run 50 miles this week to see if I was really back.  So, I knew that the 5K would not be fast by any means, but at least I wanted to see where I was at, even if with no taper and no training

Ft. Lauderdale Shamrock 4 Miler RR and Surgery Recovery Update

Yesterday, I ran the Ft. Lauderdale Shamrock 4 Miler.  I was planning on running it and having fun, since I have been pretty slow on my runs and I didn't feel I had any speed on these legs right now. Recovery has been going well, with me running 25 miles and the knee feeling great.  Still doing PT until next week (4 more visits) and they are giving me hard workouts while there.  It's like a strength training coach, let me tell you.  My legs are getting leaner and all I can think of is to continue these workouts in the future to see if I can lean all over, LOL. This week was supposed to be a 35 mile week only and hence I thought the race would be a nice fun race.  I also ran at PT a couple of days, and I ran with my husband on Tuesday (5 miles) that I had not planned, so I finished the week at 41 miles and a 10 miler as my longest run.  And the knee is responding beautifully. On Thursday, I woke up with a bad migraine, throwing up and stuff.  So, I had to cancel PT