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Week 2 of Pfitz 18/70 Done

I started Week 2 of Pfitz feeling strong and decided this week would be good as well.  While I ran last week in very hot weather (hottest we've had this Summer), this week was all in the rain.  I was a little reticent in continuing the kickboxing workouts as my legs started to feel the complex workouts that Pfitz has (not the mileage, which I'm used to, but rather, how the miles are run).  Here are my workouts for the week: Monday :  For Monday, I had planned on doing kickboxing and weights, but felt I was still a little tight from my long run the day before, so I nixed the kickboxing and just did weights.  It was worth it. Plan : Rest Day Actual : Rest Day Pace : N/A Splits :  N/A   XT : Push Circuit 1 Tuesday : Tuesday was the first time I was to do 100m strides.  I was a little scared because the pace was super fast and I was not sure of how to do them.  The first 3 were like wow, this is good.  The second 3 were meh, they don't feel so good anymore, and